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Best 3 easy steps to create aprofessional LOGO for beginners

  • The first step: find a distinct idea for the logo

It is considered the most important step in designing a logo, it is necessary to brainstorm to activate your mind to find a unique and distinct idea to produce a strong logo, so you must start gathering information and reading about the field of the logo that you want to design, and on the other hand you can see successful logos in the same field in order to learn from others And the inspiration of ideas, not the aim of imitating them.

  • Second Step: Create an initial conceptualization of the logo idea

You can visualize this logo and it’s best to start with sketching using white paper and pencil.
Try to design more than one logo, then you can choose the best one.

  • The third step: adhering to the criteria for a successful logo (final output)

In order to reach the logo to a satisfactory degree, some points that distinguish the design must be taken into consideration:
Simple design: The goal of the logo must be reached with the fewest details, so the most successful logos are far from complex and not exaggerating in using the elements, and you may have noticed that the largest companies such as Google, Facebook, … use a very simple logo.
Font: The font must be carefully chosen so that it is clear, with a commitment to using one or two lines at most.
Colors: Try to choose colors that express the goal of the design and do not overuse colors
Logo format: The quality of the logo affects its quality, it is best to use vector designs, as they are not affected by zooming in or out and give high quality during printing, so it is preferable to have the logo format PNG with a transparent background, especially if you are going to use it as a logo for a website.
Not to change the logo while renewing it: I mean not to change the logo, meaning that it remains for a long time until it becomes a trademark that users know wherever it is. Logo of Google Inc. and Apple Inc.)

ledev company develepment and solustions web

Steps to choose the best e-marketing company

The next step after reaching a complete conviction about the suitability of the benefits of e-marketing solutions and services to the goals of your project or company is to search for and choose the best e-marketing company capable of achieving the desired results from the marketing and advertising campaigns within the available budget limits.

The most appropriate choice to search for Internet marketing companies is to search through the Internet to obtain a complete and detailed picture of the appropriate companies and you can start the task of choosing through search engines using detailed terms such as “the best electronic marketing company in Egypt” or “the best electronic marketing company in Cairo” Or “best e-marketing companies” and specify a list of companies that appear in the free and paid search results to evaluate each company and reach the appropriate choice.

The evaluation and selection of the best e-marketing company must be based on specific factors and reasons:

Previous experience of successful e-marketing projects and campaigns in the same field of your business or at least in the same target markets
The extent of professionalism and creativity of the company by visiting the company’s digital marketing channels such as the website and social media accounts such as Facebook or the company’s official YouTube channel
The ability to develop an integrated digital marketing strategy tailored to the goals, budget and nature of your project or company relies on detailed analyzes to place your business in competition and the nature of the target audience.

Having multiple options suitable for the prices of e-marketing services that are compatible with the available budget, the goals of your business and with the expected return while providing backup options and marketing solutions in order to ensure the success of marketing campaigns
Reviewing the performance and professionalism ratings of every e-marketing company on your list through social networks, marketing and advertising company directories such as Sortlist, Clutch or GoodFirms, and communicating with previous company clients and not having negative reviews or frequent problems that you would like to avoid
Availability of technical expertise and skills necessary to develop distinctive interactive content that encourages the target audience to increase the percentage and types of desired interaction
Agreeing on specific criteria appropriate to evaluate the performance and results achieved from investing in digital marketing solutions and the existence of guarantees that the allocated budget will not be wasted without achieving the agreed goals within a specific time period
Certainly it is now clear how to search for and choose the most appropriate and best professional e-marketing company to take charge of promoting your project or company through effective internet marketing solutions and achieving the best possible return on the investments dedicated to these marketing and advertising options.

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Best Company to create Website design and development

E-marketing companies provide solutions and services for designing and developing “electronic” websites for projects, companies and various types of commercial activities in order to create an integrated marketing channel “a center for different digital marketing campaigns” by allocating part of the available budget to a rewarding long-term investment which is your professional website.

The best e-marketing company is the one that has the expertise and technical skills to design and develop all types of websites that fit the nature and goals of your marketing business (such as CMS – E-commerce Platforms) with professional website design that matches the nature of the brand. With the browsing experience from mobile phones and providing the site with all required solutions such as communication options and electronic payment solutions, in addition to developing interactive content that encourages website visitors to interact and communicate with your business.

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Marketing services on social media

Marketing services on social media

All e-marketing companies provide marketing services on social media, but the best e-marketing company has the ability to transfer your project or company accounts on social networks to effective marketing channels through:

Choose social networks appropriate to the nature of your business and target audience categories
Creative and interactive content development, specifically visual content options (Graphic and Infographic designs – Promotional and how-to videos – Recommendations and customer ratings videos)
Improve the quality of the content by analyzing the interaction reports and the characteristics of the interactive audience
Communicate professionally and effectively with your followers base through personal messages and comments
Improve your business reputation with quality and type of posted content, speed and style of responding to positive and negative comments and ratings
Preparing, launching and managing ad-funded campaigns on the appropriate social media dedicated to achieving the desired marketing goals such as increasing the popularity of your project or company, promoting available products or new products, increasing the number of potential customers “Leads Generation” and sales volume
More than 95% of companies and commercial activities are on social media, but a very small percentage are the ones that make the best use of effective digital marketing campaigns.

Content Marketing Solutions
E-marketing campaigns depend mainly on the quality and appropriateness of the content of marketing and advertising campaigns of the nature and interests of the target audience of potential and current customers, which illustrates the importance of content marketing solutions to attract the attention and increase the percentage of target audience interaction in addition to increasing customer confidence and loyalty by developing and publishing useful content that answers all Target audience questions and increase their desire to follow your business on various e-marketing platforms.

The best e-marketing company that owns a team that specializes in preparing and developing all types of digital content in a distinctive creative manner suitable for the goals of your business marketing campaigns, characteristics and interests, including:

Develop your website’s blog post content in line with internal SEO standards
Developing textual and visual content for your business account posts on social media
Develop the content of the funded advertising campaigns to match the requirements of the digital marketing channels chosen for the ad campaign
Develop the content of “Landing Pages” on your website associated with funded ad campaigns
Develop content and design e-mail brochures and campaigns
Set up and manage funded ad campaigns
E-marketing platforms provide a golden opportunity for all companies and businesses to compete effectively through cost-effective, diversified funded advertising options and achieve the desired percentage and type of engagement from the target audience through various detailed targeting options in the shortest possible time.

E-marketing companies have extensive experience in preparing, launching and managing ads on selected digital marketing channels, but the best e-marketing company has the experience and ability to achieve the best results from advertising campaigns within the limits of the advertising budget available in all areas of companies and commercial activities through various options of digital advertising Which includes:

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads on websites, blogs, and mobile apps
    YouTube platform ads
  • Ads for social networking sites and apps

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Planing to creat a website

Planning to Create a Website

It is foolish to have only one satisfactory answer to this question. But in the ten years that we in New Yorkero worked on our client partner sites, we noticed that there is a recurring pattern behind successful sites: the sites that succeeded were the ones behind which a knowledgeable team stood and had enough knowledge in addition to the manager / owner / owner of a site who is passionate about what he does and stands At the head of this team.

There is no single thing that makes the site successful, but the truth is that the site manager / owner / owner sets and understands the necessary elements that give the site an opportunity to fight for success.

Your real role in the team
A good starting point is to realize that you, as a site manager / owner / owner, have tasks that differ from the graphic designer, software developer, or the company responsible for designing and developing your site or online store. Think of yourself as a general practitioner! Not as a specialist in brain surgery.

The general practitioner, who is often present at hospital reception, deals every day with a wide range of diseases, from colds to complex neurological problems. But it doesn’t necessarily treat every disease he sees. Likewise, a good website owner must have sufficient information to determine the problem with his website and determine which specialist he is required to deal with – and who has sufficient experience.

There are four principles that summarize the successful management of the website:

  1. Striking a balance between priorities and not conflicting among them
    Define your role and tasks.
  2. Choose a highly specialized and professional executive company
    Planning for the future.
  3. The most important of these principles is the necessity of choosing a highly specialized and professional expert work team that complements you in areas that do not specialize in it.

Principle 1. Balance and Prevention of Conflict of Priorities

Balancing many of the website creation priorities that may seem conflicting is the same as striking a balance when constructing a building. The building consists of a series of columns. If one column is shorter than the others or completely missing, then the building will inevitably be in danger of collapse.

Like building buildings, it is important that the pillars of creating and building websites have an equal priority. You have to ensure a balance between each of these priorities. The six columns on which the website is based are shown in the following image:

Make your site easy to use
Difficult sites to use alienate your visitors and customers, push them to surrender and abandon the site, ease of use of the site means how flexible the site is in meeting the needs of the visitor in carrying out certain tasks such as contacting the site owner, registering and displaying the site properly on the phone and tablet … and other things, this term It also means that the site visitor can do anything he wants to do when visiting the site, such as printing an article on the site … etc.

Make your site Accessibility
By the accessibility of websites or online stores, we mean ensuring that the website – with its full content – is accessible to people with disabilities of all kinds, such as color blindness, and also ensuring that the site is displayed on different devices and in different conditions of use.

Some site owners go beyond the stage of making the site accessible, perhaps because they are unaware of its importance, or that the company that is implementing the site does not know the meaning and importance of the site being accessible, and despite this, accessibility has many benefits: –

An accessible location means more trade incentives and an increased target audience.
Legal obligations in some countries of the world – America, for example – criminalize inaccessible sites.
Some website owners / owners or administrators reject the idea of ​​making their sites accessible because they think it is too expensive, or difficult to implement, or that it will negatively affect the aesthetic of the site. All of these are myths. Good web design and development companies and online stores know how to make websites accessible without affecting the aesthetic of the site and within your budget.

Make your site look beautiful Aesthetics
Aesthetics We refer to the elements that make up the look and feel of your site and include colors, images, font topographic options and content distribution layout. Historically, website owners view aesthetics as the most important pillar of web design. This prejudice to the idea of ​​aesthetics was prevalent in the late 1990s and 2000s, the spread of this idea led to the unjustified use of mobile flash technologies.

This bias towards aesthetics of sites negatively affects the rest of the foundations on which it is based, excessive aesthetic may come at the expense of accessibility and usability.

Make your site programmatically simple
Program development We refer to the technical aspects of the project. Some website owners believe that talking about the programmatic development of their sites is prohibited, so they choose to avoid it, the owner of the site wants to work the site and does not care about the way the site performs the tasks.

Also, we cannot expect you to understand the complexities of software development, but you cannot ignore the limits of software development, the limitations and challenges facing developers, as this is dangerous. This does not make you control the program development budgets or the implementation times that the development company offers you fairly.

Make your site unique content
Creating content is one of the main roles of the site owner, the content is often neglected by the site owner, and believes that it is the responsibility of the company that is developing and designing his site, perhaps because it is not as exciting as aesthetics or because it is difficult.

Some website owners are reluctant to write the content because of their lack of experience, but with a little knowledge you can start writing content for your site suitable for visitors and after the site develops you may come with a specialized team for this task, but it is certain that the content should be your concern, because sites are weak content, weak visits And few sales!

Make your site clear goals Objectives
The goals of the site should get your great interest as the owner of the site or store. The goals indicate the economic feasibility behind the creation of the site. Why do you want to create the site or online store? What are you trying to achieve? What is the criterion for success? But can you really argue whether the goals are one of the columns or not?

You may write good content, or your site design is attractive, but all of these methods will help you to hurt your business goals behind investing in building a website or online store.

Companies that specialize in designing and developing professional websites first ask you about the reasons for creating your website or your online store, and they also help you align those goals and formulate them to be the guides in the entire website creation process.

Principle 2. Define your role and tasks

The second principle in order to plan well for your site is to have a clear view of your role and tasks. Being the owner of this website means that you are the owner of multiple tasks and functions. You, as the owner / owner or manager of the site, must fulfill some principles:

Create a vision and be aware of the target
Defending the target and seeing the site
Guarding and managing content
Create a vision and be aware of the target
The owner of a good site must have a good vision and be able to develop on the site while maintaining that vision, you need to have a clear picture of the role that the site plays in the company and in the marketing plan and how this role can expand in the future.

To create a vision for your site, you must:

First, the goal: It is a firm and important thing for the site. For example, if there is a site that sells trips and summer offers, the goal of the site may be to enable the customer to book the trip that he wants. This primary goal of the site is not likely to change over time, as it is a measure against which to measure the developments that you wish to make on the site. Every time you want to add a new job you can ask yourself, “Does this increase affect sales and will it make a process Is it easier and fun to book?
The roadmap that will get you to the goal: The roadmap answers a question … How will we achieve the goal by increasing flight reservations over the next 6 months? For example, we will add credit card payments during the next month. The good website owner seeks to understand the challenges that customers face in their use of the company’s website or store and searches for ways and means to solve these problems.
Guarding and managing content
Responsibility for content management is one of the biggest aspects that may take a long time in your task, because the stage of collecting content for the first time during the construction of the site may take a lot of your time. Writing and creating content for your website is a mighty task and you cannot underestimate the time you may take to collect information and resources from different places, and to adapt them in another way so that they are suitable for publication on the web

Even after the site is launched in its initial form, your responsibility towards the content does not end at this point, you also need to maintain the content in a new and modern way periodically, the owner of the site needs a new and continuous source of content, in order to keep your customers to return to the visit, it is the glue that restores Your customers whenever they try to escape.

You need to review every new piece of content that you add to your site. Does the new piece of content use the same tone of voice used elsewhere on the site? Is jewelery written in the same style of writing? You must ensure that the message you send to your customers through content is the same consistency and tone.

Principle 3. Choose a highly specialized and professional executive company

Choosing a company to implement your site or your online store is a crucial decision. Every simple decision they make at any stage of the project implementation, whether design, programmatic development or review and testing will affect your customers positively or negatively, so you must make sure that this company understands well what will be implemented, it has Ability to manage your project, have the professionalism in order to play all the roles required to establish a successful site. These are some tips that will help you in choosing an executive company that will undertake the task of creating your website or your online store.

  1. Is this company honest?
    There are a lot of companies whose customers do not share their experience in the field of designing and developing websites or electronic stores. You should check well the honesty of the company that will take responsibility for setting up your site or your online store, its reputation on the web, its general image, how to speak on social networks and on its blog. Does the company have a fixed headquarters? If it has projects in separate sites, enter these sites and check well its activity, its tone and its history.
  2. What about punctuality?
    More challenge can confront you or make the company that will take charge of setting up your website or your online store adhere to the clinics that you agreed on. If this principle is not one of the basic principles on which the company is based, you must rethink again, your project cannot succeed without having A deadline shall be set for delivery, which all parties must adhere to.
  3. How do you rate their services?
    The best way to determine the cost that you will spend on your site or your online store is the number of hours the company will spend in creating the site, regardless of official holidays or business hours, and you should ask are there clear procedures for pricing additional features or working outside the agreed scope of the project ?
  4. What is her business history?
    The important thing in this point is not the quantity, the important thing is the quality, the company may work on one project in the whole year, this is not a sign of weakness, it is evidence of focus, quality and it is working on large projects, that is, it is worthy of taking responsibility for your site or your online store, in this The point should be looking for an answer to the question, “Can this company be relied upon?”, “Is this company able to establish a store or website that returns profits for the investment that will be spent? Does this company keep its customers and have continuous working relationships with them?”
  5. Do they have a measure of expected results?
    A website is a marketing channel that should be used to boost the growth of your business and increase the return on investment in it.

Does this company put in your agreement with you a measure of results such as reducing the number of visitors leaving the site, increasing traffic or raising your site in the search results for Google?

  1. What are the basic services they provide?
    Companies that have the ability and skill to complete and implement all aspects of your project, including design, development, marketing, mobile application, and whether they have experience in SEO, this company will be more qualified to give you the best solutions to achieve the results you want.
  2. How will this company ensure that your project is executed correctly, standardized and properly?
    How will this company follow the correct standards in writing the source code? How do they plan to create a website or a mobile website? Do they know how to plan and design the overall user experience of your site? Companies that often do not provide this service properly can not take over the task of creating your website properly. The use experience is the basis on which the quality of the services of this company is governed. The experience of use cannot be provided in the form of consultations. It should be based on a study, criteria and practical recommendations in which the company participates, starting from planning to implementation … and continues to follow up.
Searching Engine Optimizing SEO Browsing Concept

Professional Digital Marketing / SEO

The success of marketing and advertising campaigns is a major factor in the success of various types of companies and commercial activities and with the increasing percentage of companies and commercial activities that rely on continuously effective “electronic” digital marketing solutions and services within the general marketing strategy to more than 85% of companies, the task of choosing the best marketing company has become E-mail is an essential and necessary step to ensure the success of the Internet marketing campaigns and achieve the expected investment return.

Hundreds of e-marketing companies exist in every country with the possibility of providing e-marketing solutions and services for all companies and commercial activities around the world without a problem related to the geographical scope, which makes the owners of projects and marketing officials in companies and brands before an endless list of appropriate and inappropriate options.

Most e-marketing companies claim, with or without evidence, that the company is the best e-marketing company in a specific region such as the Middle East or North Africa or even around the world, which makes the selection process difficult and for this reason we will discuss the most important key factors for evaluating and selecting the best professional e-marketing company with experiences and skills The technical and creative necessary to achieve the best results from e-marketing campaigns through various digital marketing channels

Before discussing the most important factors for choosing the best e-marketing company to prepare and manage marketing campaigns for your business, it is imperative to highlight the most important benefits and competitive advantages of digital marketing and the types of e-marketing services appropriate to the nature and objectives of your business in order to reach a full conviction about the suitability of these marketing and advertising options.

What are the benefits of digital marketing options?
What are the reasons that prompted more than 85% of companies and brands to invest in digital marketing services?

Various Internet marketing options such as websites and online stores, social networks, search engines, mobile applications and other continuously renewable solutions possess many competitive advantages that have transformed these marketing and advertising solutions into suitable and effective options to target and attract customers and increase the volume of sales and the return on investment achieved for various Types of projects and companies.

The most important benefits and advantages of digital marketing solutions and services:

The costs of e-marketing services are compatible with the budgetary limits available for either brands or marketing campaigns for startups and small enterprises
The diversity of digital marketing channels providing multiple opportunities to target potential and existing customers
Existence of detailed targeting options for the right audience in any marketing or advertising campaign that includes demographic features such as geographic location, language, age, interests, search words and terms, income level
The ability to expand and target new markets and different customer groups by developing customized and interactive content at minimal costs
The variety of advertising solutions and the relevance of the options for calculating the cost of advertising for the goals of different campaigns such as “Pay-per-click ads – Payment options for the number of ad views” on various e-marketing channels
Achieve a high rate of return on investment due to the exceptional interaction rate with campaigns and content specifically for targeted customer groups
E-Marketing campaigns and channels operate continuously 24 hours a week with the ability to determine the best timing to publish marketing content or display ads in terms of interaction and relevance to the target audience
Internet marketing solutions and funded advertising campaigns require less time and effort to prepare, develop content, track performance and adjust campaign settings or content than traditional marketing solutions.
Provides performance and interaction reports and analyzes that contribute to understanding customer behavior and desires to develop customized marketing and advertising campaigns
Improve the level of customer service through the diversity of personal and effective communication channels and solutions available on e-marketing platforms
Increase potential customers’ confidence in your business through positive reviews from existing customers on various e-marketing networks
Building a long-term relationship with existing customers by posting and sharing useful and interactive content, various communication options, email bulletins, re-targeting ads
All the mentioned benefits and benefits can be achieved after defining the types of e-marketing solutions and services appropriate to the goals and nature of your project or company and choosing the best electronic marketing company capable of exploiting the multiple marketing opportunities and solutions available on the appropriate digital marketing channels.

Creating websites for SEO search engines:

Your website is the center of marketing campaigns and search engines are the main source of website visits from potential customers who have searched for what your business provides of products or services and the way to obtain continuous visits to your website from search engines is to appear at the top of the first search results for potential customers through Invest in SEO website creation solutions and services.

Solutions to create your website for search engines “SEO” available through contracting with the best e-marketing company specialized in providing search engine marketing solutions interested in increasing the percentage of website compatibility with the requirements and standards of search engines through:

A comprehensive examination of the website to determine the problems and inconsistency with the requirements of the search engines
Convert your website design into a professional design responsive to the browsing experience from all devices, especially mobile phones
Improve the “User Experience” browsing experience by improving the site’s page loading speed and developing the site’s structure to easily access the desired content pages
Choose the most appropriate “keywords” targeted terms and keywords to reach potential customers
Development of interactive content compliant with search engine standards using the chosen search terms and words
Secure your website and customer databases linked to the site or any electronic payments
Periodically developing and configuring the site to comply with continuous search engine algorithm updates