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Best 3 easy steps to create aprofessional LOGO for beginners

  • The first step: find a distinct idea for the logo

It is considered the most important step in designing a logo, it is necessary to brainstorm to activate your mind to find a unique and distinct idea to produce a strong logo, so you must start gathering information and reading about the field of the logo that you want to design, and on the other hand you can see successful logos in the same field in order to learn from others And the inspiration of ideas, not the aim of imitating them.

  • Second Step: Create an initial conceptualization of the logo idea

You can visualize this logo and it’s best to start with sketching using white paper and pencil.
Try to design more than one logo, then you can choose the best one.

  • The third step: adhering to the criteria for a successful logo (final output)

In order to reach the logo to a satisfactory degree, some points that distinguish the design must be taken into consideration:
Simple design: The goal of the logo must be reached with the fewest details, so the most successful logos are far from complex and not exaggerating in using the elements, and you may have noticed that the largest companies such as Google, Facebook, … use a very simple logo.
Font: The font must be carefully chosen so that it is clear, with a commitment to using one or two lines at most.
Colors: Try to choose colors that express the goal of the design and do not overuse colors
Logo format: The quality of the logo affects its quality, it is best to use vector designs, as they are not affected by zooming in or out and give high quality during printing, so it is preferable to have the logo format PNG with a transparent background, especially if you are going to use it as a logo for a website.
Not to change the logo while renewing it: I mean not to change the logo, meaning that it remains for a long time until it becomes a trademark that users know wherever it is. Logo of Google Inc. and Apple Inc.)

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